I’m Fiona, a solo travel expert and writer of travel guides for the UK and New Zealand.

I’m from the UK but fell in love with New Zealand when I spent a year there after university. I’ve been back several times since then and while I’ve enjoyed visiting other countries, New Zealand has a special place in my heart. Although I write about a few places I’ve been to, I primarily share guides, tips and itineraries for New Zealand and the UK for anyone planning their first visit to either country.

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I’m Fiona, and travel is quite simply my favourite thing. Occasionally with friends, but primarily alone, I love exploring the world. 

Check out my posts for travel tips, destination ideas, and general celebration of travel, and get to know me here!

Whether you’re planning a road trip, thinking about travelling solo for the first time or looking for tips about a specific place, I have something for everyone. 

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